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Digital Marketing Sucks

Digital marketing sucks. It’s complicated. It’s constantly changing. And it’s entirely necessary. As a business owner, you have a billion things to worry about: finances, events/products, staffing, troubleshooting, etc. But marketing is that thing to make all the effort turn into MONEY! Get these things in place to make your website, social media accounts, Google services, and email marketing NOT suck!

Digital Marketing Sucks book
Digital Marketing Sucks book

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About Jake

Jake Zufelt owns Weldwood Marketing – a digital marketing agency that protects owners from themselves by ensuring they don’t screw up their online presence. But seriously, Jake has helped 100s of business owners and companies clarify their message, choose their marketing methods, create their materials, and control their momentum. Jake and his teams specialize in SEO, Google Services, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Branding. Jake’s new book “Digital Marketing Sucks” is available for purchase on Amazon!

My Business

Weldwood Marketing

From my dining room table to a multi-million dollar agency, Weldwood Marketing is made up of people who give a sh*t about a people. Our purpose statement is simple: “Marketing For Humans.” That means our default approach is to treat people like people. Honest and transparent answers, clear pricing and process, and ensuring our clients have full ownership of their marketing materials and online presence. It’s really that simple.

Digital Marketing Sucks book